What is the different between giving someone money and showing the way of living?

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In our live Money is an important thing in everybody's life. We require money for almost thing in everything that we want. We need money to buy food, to have a place to stay in, to buy dresses, to go to school to sit on a bus...

In other speech we work to get money in order to live. Many of us try to get by with what ever money we have but all of us would like to have more. We experience that money can bring us many luxuries and pleasures. We buy almost any thing so much so we may think it can even buy happiness. That is where we make the blunder and allow money to rule our lives. That is when money goes the root of many evils.

Some people think that giving the way of living to someone is good. Because they know by the saying that "Poor in wealth is better than poor in opinion”. man works for money when she or he gets the way of living from them and then he or she try to follow them, like find a job or other works that he or she can do... After that they can earn the money by his or her-self.

But the other people don't think like this, for someone that poor or very poor, they think that giving money is very important, because it's very necessary for they living, First they need the food, and another things for living. Money can give what they want. For Example if they was ill and very poor and can't do any thing for earn money, so what should they do? That person certainly needs the money first.

So, there are two opinions that different for helping someone, the first opinion they showing the way of living to a poor man and the second they giving money. But by my opinion I think that sometime we must take the first option and sometime we must take the second for practicing. And for the special case we need take both to practice. It's mean that we give money and after that we showing the way of living to them.



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