Meaning of Relationship

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Family and friends are necessary parts of a person's life. Naturally, communicate with another people is very important. They act as companion in our voyage through life. With them we experience and share many things. We learn how to enjoy, hate, laugh, joke, and be a normal functioning human being.

Everytime with my friends together, we feel happy and hopefull. we almost say or do anything we like without afraid of reproach or embarrassment. It mean that we understand one another very well. I do not feel shy in front of my friends. None of us feel that you are superior or inferior. We are just friends, doing things we like together, studying together, laughing together, eating together and generally having a good time together.

Has a lot of good friends is very wonderful. When I have a problem, they can help me. Sometimes when I am a bit richer, they help me spend money. After all what are friends for? They are there to share and enjoy things with. So when we are together, we really let ourselves go. In doing so the bonds of our friendships grow stronger. having good friends is like having treasures rich beyond comparison.

But I don't think every thing is good with friends for me. Some friends always invited me to see a midnight film-show or go out at night. That's I would not like to see. When I told my mother about invitation she immediately said that I could not go. I asked why? She said she did not want me to go out so late at night because there had been a spate of criminal activities occurring recently and she did not want me to be exposed to any of these activities.

So, it has good and bad points about friends. We should choose friends that we think they are good people. As the saying goes "Associating with a black sheep always bring sorrow but a wise man always brings happiness" that my parent and my teacher always told me. And if we know clearly about this slogan, relation and friendship certainly bring us bright future.



  • van009 said:  

    Hi, I agree with you relation and friendship certainly bring us bright future.

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