Life in the city

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A city is a place where many people live, work and play in. Phnom Penh is the city in Cambodia. To accommodate all these people, skyscrapers and super-market are built. Some trees are grown to offer greenery and shade but they are few compared to the thousands of buildings that stretch as far as the eye can look.

For most people has works to do, the daily task of going to work and coming home from work is a much practiced and tolerated routine. Beside these jobs, there are hawkers, taxi-drivers, road-side barbers, pavement artists, businessmen, policemen... Many of them do good business and make a great deal of money while some are not so fortunate. Practically all of them seem to be active. Life is a speed. It is a never-ending per suit of money to make ends receive, or to buy a most coveted product or to put into the bank.

The roads of Phnom Penh are sometimes very fantastic with lots of traffic. Many people drives on them daily. There are lots of cyclos, cars and trucks full of passengers. Often the roads are jammed with cars. People from province can also come to Phnom Penh by train, but buses are safer than trains. Some of the roads are great, but some are getting old now. People don't like to drive on the oldest roads, they want to repair them and also want more traffic lights. With traffic lights, the roads are much safer.

When night comes, Phnom Penh Becomes alive in a different way. The night-clubs, snooker parlors and message parlors for business. These places are never short of patrons who arrive to release some of the tension built up during the day. These nocturnal activities go on deep into the night.

Thus life in the city goes on, filled with excitement and struggle, hopes and dreams.



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