Why Do I Study English?

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All human beings were born in the world need to study, although they find it difficult. Actually, they have to study not only subjects in a school system but also everything around them. In addition, they try to learn so as to reach their future goals or to make their dreams become true someday. For me, I decide to choose one subject to learn so that I can get success in my life. In fact, it is English, and there are many reasons why I study English such as, I need it to study at university, it’s the international language for most people, I can understand more about the world, and it helps me to get a good job.

First, English is one subject which I need it in order to continue to study at university because English subject is one among subjects that we have to learn. Even though we choose other skills beside English skill, we still learn it at university. For example, we want to study business in a faculty because we don’t want to learn English at all. On the other hand, people do business in English all over the world. That’s why we cannot get out of learning English, so I think that English is really necessary for students who wish to study at university.

Second, English is the international language for most people because we can use English when we are travelling. For instance, we go abroad as a matter of fact, we cannot use our native language to communication with people with people in foreign countries because those people don’t know our first language, so we use English to keep in touch with those in order that we’re convenient to love in other countries in the world. Moreover, we can talk to lots of new people who come to our country if we know English. In this case, we can show that people are living in our country are friendly and helpful. For example, we meet foreigners who lose the way by accident, and they depend on us to help them to find the way. If  we know English, we can assist them. As a result of this, English is one of people’s needs in their lives.

Third, If I can listen and read English, I am able to understand more about the world because I can read English and American magazines and newspapers and understand films and television programs. I really like reading English newspapers, and so I can get a lot of information or good news, especially I know different events that are taking place around the world nowadays. Anyway I am well aware that all people who live in different countries they have also got different cultures. For example, when friends meet, they greet each other. Different people greet friends in different way. In Japan, they bow their heads to greet each other. In other lands, friends hug each other and some kiss each other on both cheeks. so this is extra knowledge that I gain because I know English.

Finally, the last reason why I make up my mind and choose English to study because English can help me to get a good job. In reality, nowadays almost companies and nongovernmental organizations require personnel who know English and can use computer skill fully. For example, some organizations when we want to work in, we have to fill in application form in English. In addition, we sometimes need to add curriculum vitae and cover letter in English as well; therefore, English is really crucial and helpful for someone who has aim to find a good job and get well-paid.

To sum it up, I can make my future brighter with English. It is extremely useful because I can have high education, get in touch with many people around the world, improve my knowledge, and have a well-paid job to do. For all these reasons, there are many advantages that we can obtain if we know English. I think that studying English is a great way for everyone to choose in order to get success in their lives.



  • siryoz0 said:  

    Just like most of us that hate English, there are fun ways to learn this stuff that I think clases ingles can help us with that

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