Second day Festival of boat racing in Cambodia

[ Saturday, November 20, 2010 | Leave a Comment ]

For the people of Cambodia, the water Festival (Bonn Om Teuk) in Phnom Penh is the most magnificent traditional festival. This morning, I was driving to the riverfront with my family members to see the view of the second day of water festival. And there are also different kinds of people in the period of this time. I noticed that happy goers always lost their valuable jewelry and money and sometimes their kids also lost their way because their parents are careless of their kids. By the way, we really don’t determine who is good or bad person. And million of people coming for sure in the afternoon as I can feel more and more people are coming straight to the river side now.

During the water festival, in order to avoid losing your valuable belongs and money, you should not wear it because we do not know who is thief or not. During this time, there are lots of people and it is the good opportunity for thief to steal your valuable belongs and money in your pocket.

The first thing, I think that all parents should be careful of their children and they have to hold their kids’ hands all the time. In addition, you should write your phone number, address, and your name on a small paper to put in your kids’ pocket in case your kids lose their way accidentally. And then it is easy for authorities or other people help contact you.

Best wishes and bless to everyone with great time with family and friends during the water festival holiday! Cheers



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