Computer and health problems

[ Saturday, March 27, 2010 | Leave a Comment ]

Nowadays I spend a lot of time with my computer especially my blog, I understand sitting to long working in front of computer can be real dangerous but I don’t notice why I am very addicted with my process. Really, it is not addicted i guess. It is just my use that I don’t need to stand up and walking away to see some nature and get back to work.

As the result, It happened to me that these few days I am getting very exhausted and have no more brain to think or to process at work. It is now head dump.Sometimes, it hurt my back and make me tired as well. That is good that we should not sit long time.

Now I alway avoid from light, especially from the computer screen because my eyeballs are getting tired. I am suggested that to close your eyes for a while or taste to stare to another thing like nature or corner or green stuff. Not to just focus on the computer screen all-time, it is not familiar at all for your health.



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